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Who are the Wranglers? 

CMSA has two classifications of Wranglers. Limited (WRL) Wranglers are aged 9 and under. Open (WRO) Wranglers are aged 10 and 11 years old. The official age for each competitor is the age he/she is on the day after the CMSA World Championship held in October. 

Open Wranglers
  • Must wear holsters and use a non-firing replica to engage the targets

  • A minimum of a 5 target "stage" will be used for ground shooting at each match

  • Any misses will be charged against their time

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Limited Wranglers
  • Engage the course but are not required to wear guns/holsters or engage the targets

  • May be allowed to ground shoot by the Match Director, but any misses will be charged against their time.

Leadline/Assisted Wranglers
  • Wranglers will be issued an automatic 60 second score for all runs

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All Wranglers are required to wear hearing and eye protection when shooting

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