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Mid-Ohio Marauders Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association By-Laws



The purpose of this club shall be to participate in the sport of cowboy mounted shooting, to provide an outlet for those persons wishing to compete in this sport, encourage safe handling of firearms and to help educate all individuals in all aspects of this sport including good horsemanship.  All members shall abide by the rules set forth in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) Rule book. It shall be the club’s further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team-work, and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism. The further intention of our organization is to provide a family atmosphere and social climate conducive to riding, camping, and other similar events where the members dress and conduct themselves in a fashion that promotes our western heritage. The club Officers and Directors shall follow the guidelines set forth in the following articles and shall administer the affairs of this club.



The club shall be governed by representation similar to a “representative democracy” under the guidelines and/or limitations set forth in these by-laws. For the purposes of this governance, “representation” will be defined as:  Eligible members (Article IV – Membership) will elect representatives (Article V – Board of Directors) to make all decisions on behalf of the club by majority vote of said representatives and not by the general membership.


Effective February 23, 2017, the name of this club shall be Mid-Ohio Marauders Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association. Also referred to hereafter as “MOM-CMSA” and “ CLUB”.


The business office shall be located at the presiding President’s residence or office unless otherwise specified.


A.   Membership in the Mid-Ohio Marauders Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (MOM-CMSA) shall be of the types established in the CMSA Rulebook.

B.   Persons wishing to join the MOM-CMSA shall submit a written application along with the designated dues to the treasurer of MOM-CMSA.

C.   Eligibility in the MOM-CMSA shall be extended to all persons of good character who would like to become members of an organization dedicated to the preservation of the cowboy lifestyle.


1.    Membership is for a term of one year January 1st through December 31st.

2.    All memberships shall be renewed in January with dues being paid by January 31st.

3.    Dues will not be pro-rated, members joining part way through the membership year shall pay full dues.

4.    Delinquent Dues: An individual’s CLUB membership must be current to accrue points towards MOM-CMSA year-end awards.  CLUB points accrued before membership is paid will not count towards CLUB year-end awards.


1.Suspension: Any member who, through their actions or negligence, has caused personal injury to themselves or others, damage to other’s property or livestock or has presented themselves to be of undesirable character including social media, may be put on suspension by the Board of Directors (BOD) until such time that the Board has the opportunity to review the matter. The suspension will be in accordance with the disciplinary procedures identified in the CMSA rulebook. The suspended member will be notified of the suspension verbally and in writing.

2. Expulsion: A member will be expelled from the MOM-CMSA only with a unanimous vote by the BOD.  Expulsion would only result from either a member’s total disregard for the welfare of the organization through their actions or any blatant and continued safety violations. In either case, the decision will be based on specific incidents and/or actions. The expulsion will be in accordance with the disciplinary procedures identified in the CMSA rule book. The expelled member will be notified of the suspension verbally and in writing.

4. REINSTATEMENT: Any member suspended or expelled from the MOM-CMSA may after a period of ninety (90) days, appear before the BOD to seek a reversal of the Board of Director’s decision concerning their membership status. The Board of Director’s reply to such action will be by mail only.

RESIGNATION OF MEMBERS:  A member is good standing may tender a resignation to any member of the BOD. A member’s resignation will not be cause for a refund of membership dues



A. Board Qualifications: Individuals wishing to serve on the Board of Directors (BOD) must be a member of MOM-CMSA 24 consecutive months prior to their nomination.

1.Exceptions to this qualification shall only be granted by a ⅔ majority vote by the Board.

2.The member must maintain a good standing with MOM-CMSA and national CMSA during this time.


B. Board Composition

  1. The Board will consist of the CLUB Officers: President, Vice-President, Retiring President, Secretary, Treasurer and nine additional Directors

  2. The Directors will govern the MOM-CMSA, and they will be known as the BOD.

  3. The President shall chair the BOD.

  4. It is the responsibility of the BOD to determine CLUB policy and procedure.

  5. The Board will answer to the membership and addresses their CLUB-related concerns and complaints.

  6. All members of the BOD will serve as public relations officer of the CLUB and will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while representing the CLUB.

C.   Board of Director Responsibilities

The BOD shall establish and publish responsibilities for each director immediately after the election of Officers for the next shooting season.


D.   Officer Responsibilities

E.   President 

1.  Presides over all meetings of the BOD.

2.  Prepares the agenda and distribute it for the meetings of the Board and general membership meetings.

3.  Appoints committees to carry on the Board’s program.

4.  Shall within the limits of the by-laws and the direction of the BOD, act from time to time as the representative of the Board and the Association.

5.  Have authority to sign all documents required for the ongoing business of the Board and the Association.

6.  Will not have voting privileges, unless needed as a tie breaker.

7.  Manages the business of the CLUB and negotiates/approves any contracts for the CLUB.

8.  Oversees all other positions either elected or created as needed.

9.  Ensures that all CLUB-related activities remain the CLUB’s, and not for individual recognition.

10. Lead all awards, ceremonies.

F.   Vice President

1.    Performs duties assigned by the President

2.    Has all the powers and performs all the duties of the President in case of the temporary absence of the President

3.    Shall also within the limits of the by-laws and the direction of the BOD, act from time to time as the representative of the Board and the Association.

4.    Has voting privileges

5.    Serves as a co-public relations officer for the CLUB with the President

6.   Responsible for and/or insures CLUB demos and presentations are within CLUB guidelines and expectations

7.    Shall consult with the President and Budget Committee regarding any promotional contracts and submit for Presidents approval.

8.  Periodically checks with each director to ensure a smooth operation of all events.

9.  Will assist and/or lead award ceremonies and promotions for the CLUB

G.   Secretary

1.  Shall record the minutes at all meetings

2.  Shall provide a copy of the minutes to the entire CLUB membership within ten days of a meeting

3.  Shall be responsible for all CLUB records and notes

4.  Shall maintain a CLUB roster and provide copies to the BOD.  The CLUB roster will be provided to members upon request.  Members shall not use this roster for any form of solicitation.

5.  Receives and processes all entries for Shoots, Clinics, Jackpots or other MOM-CMSA events.  Entries maybe submitted via mail or CMSA electronic registration

6.  Files all shoot results with CMSA per CMSA requirements.

7.  Shall provide a record of all entries, including jackpots to the Treasurer for proper collection of fees

8.  Shall provide a record of non-entry related expenses for each participant to the Treasurer.  This may include but is not limited to: sawdust, stall fees, camping, electric, jackpots, and exhibition riders

9.  Shall assist the Treasurer with marking payback envelopes for distribution.  Envelopes should be marked with the following: jackpot title, winner’s name, class/level

10. Will perform other duties as assigned by the President.

11. Shall have a record of log-in passwords for all CLUB related electronic media

H.   Treasurer

1.    Will head the Budget Committee

a.    Shall be comprised of the Treasurer, another director and other BOD member.

b.    The director shall be the second on the CLUB bank account.

c.    Shall establish an annual budget for the CLUB

d.    Shall review and approve any expenses over $200

e.    Shall conduct an annual audit of the CLUB financial records and present the findings at a general membership meeting

2.    Shall document all financial transactions of the CLUB

3.    Shall provide a treasurer’s report at Board and general membership meetings

4.    Shall manage CLUB accounts using industry accepted accounting practices

5.    Shall collect and deposit all dues, entry fees and other funds associated with producing CLUB events

6.    May utilize other Directors with check writing authority to assist with CLUB transactions

7.    Shall obtain and manage all funds needed to fulfill event pay backs

8.    Shall have check writing authority as needed to conduct CLUB business. 

9.    Additional expenditures over $200 must be approved by the budget committee.  This does not apply to shoot payback funds.

10. Shall promptly provide all CLUB financial records if an audit is requested by the Board

11. It is recommended that an annual audit be done by the budget committee and a member outside of the Board.


1.    An Officer or Director of the MOM-CMSA may be removed, for just cause, which is to be determined by the remaining Board Members.

2.    After just cause has been established, the Board shall hold a special meeting to vote on the removal.

3.    A majority 2/3rds vote of the Directors is required for removal of any Board Member. 

4.    Directors do not have to be present to cast their vote. 

Votes may be cast by direct communication with the President electronically or in writing


1.    Any Officer or Director may resign at any time by giving written notice via regular mail or email to the Secretary.

2.    In the event of a vacancy, the Board can nominate qualified members for the vacant position. 

3.    If the member or members accept the nomination, the Board shall vote on the instatement of a new director. 

4.    A majority vote is required to instate a new Director. 

5.    The new Director will complete the balance of the term for that position.

6.    Should the office of the President become vacant, the Vice President shall assume the duties of President and declare the office of Vice President vacant and call for election of a Vice President.

7.    The President will declare vacancy for all other offices and call for an election of that office by the BOD.  The elected Director will serve the balance of that term.

8.    If a conflict of interest involving any Officer or Director is brought to the attention of the Board, any and all Officers or Directors involved in that conflict shall relinquish their voting rights to the remaining Board members.

9.    There must be a quorum of Board members to render a decision. A quorum of Board members shall consist of 6 Directors. If a quorum of Board members cannot be met, the dispute shall be voted on by the general membership and requires a majority vote.




1.    The term of office shall begin March 1st and end February 28th of the following year.

2.    Directors will serve an alternating two (2) year term.

3.    Directors may hold the same or different Officers positions during their term.

4.    The BOD shall elect Officers annually. 

5.    Officers will serve a one year term. 

6.    Officers will be elected at a meeting of the Board, following the election of new Directors.

7.    The Board shall hold Officer elections in February and the new Officer term shall begin March 1st.


1.    The Board shall establish an election committee to compile nominations.

2.    Nominations shall be collected in December. 

3.    Nominations for Directors will come from the general membership and may be made electronically or in writing.

4.    Directors shall be elected from the CLUB general members in good standing.

5.    Members wishing to hold a directorship shall provide a statement supporting the reasons they would like to hold the directorship and what assets they can bring to the CLUB.


1.    Election of the BOD will be in January and shall be by the majority vote of the CLUB general membership. 

2.    Elections will be conducted via an electronic survey. 

3.    Provision for electronic voting with assistance shall be provided for members requesting technical assistance at the January meeting.

4.    The results of the election will be announced at the January meeting.

5.    Officers will be elected by and from the Board of Directors at the February meeting.  This will provide an opportunity for individuals to campaign that wish to be Officers.

6.    The election committee shall proctor the election of Officers.

7.    Immediately after the election of Officers the Board shall establish and publish responsibilities for each director’s position for the next shooting season.


Emergency Clause

These By-Laws may be temporarily suspended in full or in part when the BOD decide an emergency exists and provided that the action is a temporary expedient to best serve the interest of all the members of MOM-CMSA.




A.  BOD Meetings

1.    The BOD will decide when and where the Board will meet and will schedule meetings as needed.

2.    Board meetings shall be open to the general membership.

3.    The Board shall establish a forum for member’s and guest’s opinions to be shared.  Members may also present their concerns to any director in writing (electronic methods included) for presentation at the Board of Directors meeting.


B.  General Membership Meetings

1.    General membership meetings should be held bi-annually. 

2.    CLUB business will be handled and voted on by the BOD.


C.  Meeting Protocol

      1. Roberts Rules of Order shall be used to conduct meetings of the Mid-Ohio                          Marauders CMSA and business not addressed in these bylaws.



All MOM-CMSA competitions or events are covered under the CMSA insurance policy. A copy of this insurance certificate may be obtained if requested.



A.    Board shall meet and draft a change and/or addition.

B.    President shall call a general membership meeting to ratify the bylaw change and/or addition.

C.   A ⅔ majority vote of the membership will be required ratify a bylaw change.

1.  The vote will be done electronically



A.   The MOM-CMSA can be dissolved by majority vote of the members or by default in the event of continued vacancies (less than 5 active people) in the positions of the Officers and/or the BOD.

B.   In the event of Dissolution, the last seated President, or Vice President, or Treasurer (in that order) will liquidate the CLUB assets by declared sale with a minimum of a 30-day advance notice. The membership will have the right of first refusal to purchase CLUB assets by open bid.

C.   Upon the liquidation of the physical assets of the CLUB, the last seated President, or Vice President, or Treasurer (in that order) will issue a check for the liquidated assets to the CMSA.

A.        Retiring President –

1.         Upon election of a new CLUB president, a temporary fourteenth director position shall be created for the retiring president.

2.         His/Her responsibilities will include:

a.         providing advice and leadership to the BOD regarding past practices

b.         support the president on an as-needed basis

c.         will serve a term of one year, unless the Board requests otherwise and the Past President approves 



Date                                                   Area                                     Comment

February 17, 2107                           Draft of By-Laws                Presented to CLUB

March 6, 2017                                  Draft of By-Laws                By-Laws Committee

March 12, 2017                                Draft Revisions                   By-Laws Committee

March 19, 2017                                Draft Revisions                  Ratified by BOD

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