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Marauder History

The Marauders were founded on February 27th, 2017 at the historic Red Brick Tavern in London, Ohio. The two ideas that brought our founders together: the first being there were no Cowboy Mounted Shooting clubs in central Ohio, the second being that if no club stepped up to host the All American Quarter Horse Congress Shoot it would cease to exist. Looking for a home for the Marauders, Coughlin Auto and the hospitality of the Madison County Agricultural Society made London, Ohio the most opportune place for our home. 


On October 29th of 2017, the Marauders hosted their first All American Quarter Horse Congress Classic in Columbus, Ohio thus providing mounted shooters with the opportunity to achieve the coveted All American Quarter Horse Champion title for mounted shooting. On July 28th of 2018, the Marauders hosted their first annual Ohio State Fair Shoot in Columbus, Ohio giving the Marauders an opportunity to showcase Cowboy Mounted Shooting as entertainment to the public at the Ohio State Fair. On September 25th of 2020, the Marauders began to host the annual CMSA Mid-West Regional Championship at our home facility in London, Ohio. 

The Marauders strive to make both new and returning shooters feel welcome at all of our events. We tack pride in cheering everyone on and stepping up to help when extra support is needed. If you are interested in beginning your journey into Cowboy Mounted Shooting, the Marauders would be ecstatic to aide in your journey into our beloved sport. 

Founding Members

Mark & Dawn Wright; Joe, Bobbie & Kelsey Coalter; Judy Foster; Tim & Renee Calvin; Vern Shaw; Tom Byrne; JD & Karen Hughes; Steve & Deseree Lothes; Fred & Candi Conniff; Laura Starin; Alan Stanley; Holly Porter; Andrew Dronsfield

Red Brick Tavern.jpg

The Red Brick Tavern, London, Ohio

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