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  1. Register on line at Limited to 30 entries which closes July 24th. (red button on our web home page)

  2. Pay your entry, stall and club reserved camping fees at the Mid-Ohio Marauders Store by noon July 25th (green button on our web home page).


  • Free admission and general parking for participates and workers

  • All shooters must register on-line, no entries are taken at the shoot.

  • All fees must be paid by noon July25th


  • Available Noon Friday July 28th

  • Stalls are $40 for the weekend and need to be pre-paid by July 25th

  • To reserve a stall purchase it on the online store, stalls are required even if you are hauling in for the day. (NO WORKING FROM YOUR TRAILER)

  • Stalls will be assigned

  • Tack stalls will be provided and assigned

  • Bring a lock for the Tack stall

  • Stall floors are asphalt

  • Bring your own bedding or bedding will be available for purchase on the grounds via Kuhlwein Services (614)989-2142 or visit them at hours of operation 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Stalls will be located in the Gilligan Complex.  This is farther from the coliseum than you might think. You may want to bringing a halter, lead rope, hay and water buckets to the warm-up pen

Club Reserved Camping (the club only has 17 reserved spots)

  • Camping is $120.00 for two nights (Friday & Saturday) and needs to be pre-paid.

  • Camping fees are non-refundable

  • Make your camping reservation by contacting Tim or Missy

  • Camping is Korbel North along the railroad tracks

  • Move-in 3pm – 6pm Friday July 28th (contact Tim or Missy for late move-in)

  • Move-out BEFORE NOON SUNDAY July 30th (we recommend moving trailers to trailer parking before we start shooting Sunday morning)

  • No camping or trailer parking will be available south of 17th Ave.


  • CAMPING RULES Please review the rules at the bottom of this web page

Self-Attained Camping

The Ohio Exposition Center handles this, see State Fair website for more details.

Traveling to the shoot

Location: Ohio State Fair, 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211, 614-644-3247

Reference maps below


You will exit US 71 west on to Hudson Street (Exit 112).

Exhibitors traveling son I-71 will exit Hudson Street (exit 112) go across Hudson Street onto Silver Drive.  At the first traffic light on Silver Drive, turn right and follow the signs to Gate 10 for entrance to the fairgrounds.


Exhibitors traveling north on I-71 will exit Hudson Street (exit 112) and turn left onto Hudson Street and go to the first traffic light, which is Silver Drive, turn left onto Silver Drive, then turn right at the first light, follow the signs to Gate 10 for entrance to the fairgrounds.  Follow traffic control directions to the horse barn.


Areas around the livestock buildings are for UNLOADING ONLY. NO PARKING ALLOWED.

Getting in and settled

Move-in starting noon Friday July 28th


Check-in at the temporary office in Gilligan (noon-8pm, contact Tim or Missy for late check-in)

  • verify entries

  • enter eliminator (everyone)

  • verify fees are correct

  • If you are sharing a horse or equipment, be sure to let the office staff know when you check in

  • Check Coggins test for all horses

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection out of state horses (health papers)


Pick-up participate packet

  • daily gate passes

  • gate 10 passes to park on Gilligan

  • club camping assignment

  • stall tag (with contact information) REQUIRED

  • livestock release form, required to be able to leave grounds with your horse.


After unloading and checking in go park your trailer

  • You are required to park your livestock trailer in the north lot designated trailer parking area or in the designated camping area.

  • There is no charge to park your trailer in the north lot.

  • Exit Gate 9 and turn left onto 11th Avenue, drive to 1-71, turn left and drive to Hudson Street exit, turn left, drive to the 1st traffic light, which is Silver Drive, turn left onto Silver Drive, then turn right at the 1st light.  Follow the signs to the camping area or livestock trailer parking area.   

  • Map below


Moving out

  • When you leave the grounds with your horses you will be asked for a livestock release form.

  • Livestock release form provided in your participant packet.

Horse Health Requirements

1. Horses coming from outside of Ohio will need a current negative Coggins test and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

2. Ohio horses are required to have a negative Coggins test.




  • Ohio requires a Coggins test that was taken within the past 12 months.

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is only good for 30 days.

Parking and Gate Passes

  • Gate 10 passes allow parking of a vehicle (vehicle only) in designated areas south of

  • Daily admission passes will be provided for contestants and workers



  • We highly recommend coming in on Friday, since the unloading and parking procedure is time consuming. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU ON SATURDAY MORNING.

  • Plan to leave plenty of time to unload and get parked, don’t wait to last minute

  • Expected lots of traffic and bring your patience

  • Main Shoot office hours and location TBA on Facebook Group

  • Shoot schedule will be posted and published on Facebook Group

  • Participate Seating

    • There will be a seating area designated for participates in the bleachers where you will be allowed to open carry your EMPTY competition weapons.

  • Office/Gun Room

    • There will be a gun check located in the shoot office in the Coliseum.

    • There will be a manned long gun table during the long gun events.

    • Please mark your weapons so that they can be identified.

  • On-site Transportation

    • The Club has a few golf carts

    • Bringing your own golf cart– advanced registration on the Ohio State Fair Website and insurance are required

  • No Bicycles after 10am

  • No Skateboards

  • No motorized anything except registered golf carts





  • Remember we are performing in a public venue

  • CMSA dress code while in the arena

  • Be mindful that many people have limited knowledge about horses and guns


  • Keep your guns secured and/or on your person at all times or checked in the Coliseum office.

  • Only competitors shall handle guns – never allow the public to handle your guns

  • Open carry of holstered empty guns is allowed outside the arena

  • Guns MUST remained holstered except in the arena and loading/unloading areas

Exiting 71

Road Map.png

Unloading and Exit

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