Balloon Setters Director: Laura Starin

Treasurer: Dawn Wright

Communications Director

  • Shall produce and distribute all pre-event promotional materials or methods (flyers, maps etc.)
  • Shall establish and maintain a club website
  • Shall work with the Treasurer to establish and maintain a method of electronic payment for collecting membership renewal dues, entry fees and other shoot related expenses.
  • Shall establish, monitor and maintain social media accounts representing the club
  • Shall post club events on social media
  • Shall post match results on social media to the conclusion of the awards ceremony
  • Shall establish a directory of sponsors and provide a copy to the secretary
  • Will prepare and submit the club news letter to the Corral
  • Shall create assist Directors in recruiting Associate Directors to work at club events
  • Shall create an Associate Director work sign-up sheet that shall be posted in the office where members and directors can easily access the information.  Sign-up sheet shall contain the Name of Director requesting assistance and a description of the tasks
  • Shall create a balloon setter recruiting brochure/survival guide.

Ammunition and Balloons Director: Vern Shaw

Secretary: Judy Foster

Retiring President: ?????

Balloon Setters Director

  • Solicits and schedules balloons setters
  • Provide the balloon setters with a copy of the match survival guide for balloon setters
  • Shall train the balloon setters on shoot procedures
  • Operation of gates
  • Entering the course
  • Released by the Range Master
  • Do not reenter the course once they have left the arena without being requested to return by the Range Master
  • Procedure for a down gun
  • Established a directory of local groups or organizations that might be utilized for balloon setting and provide a copy of this directory to the secretary
  • Shall follow up with scheduled groups 2 weeks, 1 week and two days before the match
  • Setting up balloon filling stations: verify the compressor is working, verify there are baskets for filled balloons, verify there are enough balloon sticks and balloons.
  •  Notify the Quarter Master of any non-functional equipment and mark it for repair.
  •  Setup shade for balloon setters as necessary
  • Shall return balloon filling station equipment to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the match

Vice President: Tim Calvin

Facilities and Safety Director


  • Shall be familiar with the grounds and the facilities rules for use of stalls and camping
  • Assigns stalls
  • Provides guidance for camp site selection
  • Shall coordinate with Marketing Director to arrange for sawdust to be available for purchase or establish a directory of local businesses where it can be purchased.  A copy of the Sawdust directory shall be provided to the secretary
  • Shall assure that the barns are left in appropriate condition at the conclusion of the club event. 


  • Verify there are first aid kits in specified locations
  • Know the locations of fire extinguishers
  • Establish safety barriers as needed to alert spectators to danger, such as areas next to the arena where powder burns might be possible
  • Remove safety barriers at the conclusion of the event

Quartermaster: Tom Byrne

Wrangler Director

  • Shall set guide cones for the wrangler course
  • Shall solicit 3 out riders for each course and verify the riders are in the arena before the wranglers begin
  • Verify that wranglers that are shooting blanks have the required personal protective gear
  • Coordinate the ground shooting for Open Wranglers
  • Shall return guide cones and personal protective equipment to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the wrangler competition

Communications Director:Renee Calvin

President: Mark Wright

Retiring President

    1.   Upon election of a new CLUB president, a temporary fourteenth director position shall be created for the retiring president.
    2.   His/Her responsibilities will include:
        a. providing advice and leadership to the BOD regarding past practices
        b. support the president on an as-needed basis
        c. will serve a term of one year, unless the Board requests otherwise and the Past President approves

Ammunition and Balloons Director

  • Consults with the secretary to determine how many shooters including shotgun and rifle will be competing
  • Coordinates with the budget committee to assure there is enough pistol and long gun ammunition in stock to support the match
  • Coordinates with the budget committee to assure there are enough balloons in stock to support the match
  • Shall inform the President and Secretary where the ammunition stock and balloons will be stored during the club event
  • Determines an appropriate location for the ammunition table
  • Sets up the ammunition at the beginning to the match
  • Assures that each balloon filling station has an adequate supply of balloons for the day’s activities
  • It is highly recommended that an Armorer be present at the ammunition table for the safety of the competitors and the ammo.
  • Stocks the ammunition table at the beginning of the day
  • Stocks the ammunition table as needed during competition
  • Shall assure that there is long gun ammunition at the ammunition table prior to the
  • Shall properly store the ammunition under the control of a director at the conclusion of the day’s activities
  • Shall return the ammunition table to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the match

Arena Director: Steve Lothes



  • Shall record the minutes at all meetings
  • Shall provide a copy of the minutes to the entire CLUB membership within ten days of a meeting
  • Shall be responsible for all CLUB records and notes
  • Shall maintain a CLUB roster and provide copies to the BOD.  The CLUB roster will be provided to members upon request.  Members shall not use this roster for any form of solicitation.
  • Receives and processes all entries for Shoots, Clinics, Jackpots or other MOM-CMSA events.  Entries maybe submitted via mail or CMSA electronic registration
  • Files all shoot results with CMSA per CMSA requirements.
  • Shall provide a record of all entries, including jackpots to the Treasurer for proper collection of fees
  • Shall provide a record of non-entry related expenses for each participant to the Treasurer.  This may include but is not limited to: sawdust, stall fees, camping, electric, jackpots, and exhibition riders
  • Shall assist the Treasurer with marking payback envelopes for distribution.  Envelopes should be marked with the following: jackpot title, winner’s name, class/level
  • Will perform other duties as assigned by the President.
  • Shall have a record of log-in passwords for all CLUB related electronic media

Facilities and Safety Director: Holly Porter


1. Will head the Budget Committee

     a.Shall be comprised of the Treasurer, another director and other         BOD member.

     b. The director shall be the second on the CLUB bank account.

     c. Shall establish an annual budget for the CLUB

     d. Shall review and approve any expenses over $200

     e. Shall conduct an annual audit of the CLUB financial records              and present the findings at a general membership meeting

2. Shall document all financial transactions of the CLUB

3. Shall provide a treasurer’s report at Board and general                      membership meetings

4. Shall manage CLUB accounts using industry accepted                     accounting practices

5. Shall collect and deposit all dues, entry fees and other funds             associated with producing CLUB events

6. May utilize other Directors with check writing authority to assist         with CLUB transactions

7. Shall obtain and manage all funds needed to fulfill event pay             backs

8. Shall have check writing authority as needed to conduct CLUB          business. 

9. Additional expenditures over $200 must be approved by the             budget committee.  This does not apply to shoot payback funds.

10. Shall promptly provide all CLUB financial records if an audit is           requested by the Board

11. It is recommended that an annual audit be done by the budget         committee and a member outside of the Board.

Match Director

  • Shall be a certified range master
  • Shall follow match rules established in the CMSA rule book
  • Recruits Range Masters to work the shoot
  • Shall establish a range master schedule and post it at the shooting office
  • Forms a team consisting of the Match Director and 2 Range Masters to draw courses before the shoot.  If 2 range masters are not available an experienced member may be substituted
  • Shall set range master chairs as required
  • Shall hold a range masters meeting to review the courses, answer any questions the range masters may have, and highlight potential areas of concern
  • Assembles the appeals committee for each match
  • Shall return range master chairs to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the match

Match Director: Andrew Dronsfield

Flags, Banners, Announcers and Church Director

1.  Shall coordinate the presentation of colors at the beginning of each match
     a. Recruit flag carriers
     b.  Assemble necessary equipment like flag holders and flags
     c.  Collect flag holders at the conclusion of the ceremony
2.  Shall oversee the proper display of colors for the match
3.   Shall communicate with the Marketing Director regarding which banners should be displayed
4.   Shall get the banners out of the trailer and appropriately display them during the match
5.   Shall properly store and return banners to the equipment trailer at the end of the match
6.   Shall properly store the colors and return them to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the match
7.  Shall establish an announcer schedule and post it at the shooting office
8.  Verify that announcing equipment is setup and working properly before the shoot9. Shall train announcers on procedures and equipment if necessary
10. Shall coordinate a church service for Sunday morning before the shoot
11. Shall properly store announcing equipment and return it to the designated storage location at the end of the match


  • Presides over all meetings of the BOD.
  • Prepares the agenda and distribute it for the meetings of the Board and general membership meetings.
  • Appoints committees to carry on the Board’s program.
  • Shall within the limits of the by-laws and the direction of the BOD, act from time to time as the representative of the Board and the Association.
  • Have authority to sign all documents required for the ongoing business of the Board and the Association.
  • Will not have voting privileges, unless needed as a tie breaker.
  • Manages the business of the CLUB and negotiates/approves any contracts for the CLUB.
  • Oversees all other positions either elected or created as needed.
  • Ensures that all CLUB-related activities remain the CLUB’s, and not for individual recognition.
  • Lead all awards, ceremonies.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association


Arena Director

    1. Coordinates with Madison County OHC to verify the arena will be properly maintained to provide the safest  environment possible for competitors and their mounts.
    2. Sets arena entrance and exit to provide safety for the competitors while establishing the best possible traffic flow
    3. Shall have a copy of the CMSA course book
    4. Sets the courses using an appropriate measuring device
    5. The course will be set after competitors have left the arena
    6. Sets up the timers and time clock
        a. Shall test each timer
        b. Verify that there is an adequate amount of fresh batteries before each match
        c. Timer shall have fresh batteries installed at the beginning of each match, used batteries shall be  discarded to prevent accidental installation
        d. Shall pack up and return the timer to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the days shooting
        e. Verify that there is a method of sheltering the timers from rain in case needed
    7. Shall return cones and poles to the equipment trailer at the conclusion of the match
    8. Shall return arena entrances and exits to pre-competition configuration at the conclusion of the match

Quarter Master / Equipment Director

  • Shall be the custodian of club equipment
  • Shall insure that all club equipment is marked so it can be identified as belonging to the MOM-CMSA
  • Shall organize and mark the equipment trailer so that equipment can be returned to the proper location
  • Shall maintain the equipment in good working order.  If equipment is not in working order they shall promptly notify the match director and/or resolve the issue
  • Shall notify the president or budget committee if equipment is going to need replaced in the near future
  • If equipment needs to be replaced the board would like for the quarter master to do research and share their findings with the board
  • Shall supervise equipment storage at the conclusion of the club event
  • Shall inventory equipment is in the trailer at the conclusion of club events
  • Shall lock trailer and arrange for safe storage when not in use


Vice President

  • Performs duties assigned by the President
  • Has all the powers and performs all the duties of the President in case of the temporary absence of the President
  • Shall also within the limits of the by-laws and the direction of the BOD, act from time to time as the representative of the Board and the Association.
  • Has voting privileges
  • Serves as a co-public relations officer for the CLUB with the President
  • Responsible for and/or insures CLUB demos and presentations are within CLUB guidelines and expectations
  • Shall consult with the President and Budget Committee regarding any promotional contracts and submit for Presidents approval.
  • Periodically checks with each director to ensure a smooth operation of all events.
  • Will assist and/or lead award ceremonies and promotions for the CLUB

Wrangler Director: Deseree Lothes

Flags, Banners, Announcers and Church Director: 

Steve Swander