Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association


Who can participate in mounted shooting?

No, We encourage new shooters to borrow equipment in the beginning.  Holsters and Guns are a significate investment and trying other shooters equipment will help you learn what works for you.  Don't be afraid to ask, most shooters are glad to share their knowledge and equipment.

What type of Ammunition is used?

Will My Horse Completely Freak Out?

Burning gun powered is ejected from the revolver and travels approximately 20 feet.  If you are on target the burning embers will penetrate the balloon.

What type of Guns are used?

Obviously we can't speak for every horse, but most do not.  We use the herd instinct of the horse to our advantage.  We surround green horses with experienced horse when we first start shooting.  New horses usually look around are realize their buddies are cool with the shooting and quickly settle down.

Desensitization before the clinic can increase the odds of sucess but in not required.

The cartridges fired are called .45 caliber Long Colts. The brass cartridge is loaded with black powder (like that used in the 1800's). This load will break a balloon up to about 15 feet. Live rounds are strictly prohibited at competitions.

Riders of all ages and abilities can participate in mounted shooting.   Matches are divided into divisions and levels.  Divisions are as follows: Men's, Lady's, Senior Men's, Senior Lady's and Wranglers. Divisions are separated into levels 1 though 6, level 1 being beginners and level 6 being the masters.  Men's and Lady's are ages 12-49 years, Seniors are 50 year and older, Wranglers are 11 years and younger.

  • Ear Plugs for you and your horse
  • Shooting Glasses (optional)
  • Tack appropriate for speed events
  • An Open Mind
  • Hay, Water Bucket
  • Halter and lead rope to tie your horse

What pops the balloons?

What Should I bring to a New Shooter Clinic?

Only fixed sight single action revolvers of .45 Colt caliber, designed prior to 1898, or reproductions thereof, shall be allowed in CMSA competitions. . Single action revolvers must be cocked each time before firing by drawing the hammer back.  Examples are: Colt Single Action Army or Bisley Model, Smith & Wesson Schofield, Russian, or Remington Models 1875 & 1890, their reproductions and Ruger Vaqueros, Bisleys or Montados.

Do I need to have guns and holsters?