Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association


October 11, 2019

I am writing this to address the 2019 Mid Ohio Marauders Congress Shootout.  First I would like to extend a big thank you to OQHA for hosting this event.  This may be a little long but, I would like to explain to everybody how we ended up where we are at and how we are trying to deal with the situation we are in. We are all about sharing the sport and helping people realize their dreams of participating in the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

We got a little behind where we wanted to be putting Congress on the CMSA website.  We got everything uploaded, it went live and then it went viral. We had NO idea it would fill up that fast.  We now know we should have made an announcement of when it was going to be made live, lesson learned.  We also understand, we should make the deadline earlier so the people on the waiting list have more time to deal with going if they have the chance.

The last couple of years have been very successful shoots. Last year we ended up shooting for 12 hours which was longer than our staff, especially balloon setters, should be asked to work.  We even had balloon setters miss school on Monday from running so hard setting balloons.  We felt we had no choice but to limit the entries.  We figured we could handle 110 or so shooters in 10 hours.  We set the limit at 100 so, we had 10 more to deal with staff and sign up issues.

Tuesday evening our Board of Directors spent nearly 3 hours examining ways to increase the number of entries for Congress and still maintain a projected 9 to 10 hour shoot with no luck. It was the longest meeting that we have had, with lots of great dialog and everybody trying to help make this work out. We tried to figure out if we could switch it to a 3 stage shoot.  We determined that we could not save any time and still shoot 2 stages in the Celeste [we made the assumption that people would not be interest in shooting at Congress, if they would only be shooting one stage in the Celeste, hope we guessed correctly].


If you have fully registered for the event you will need to cancel your entry as well as cancel your hold my spot.  

First go to Event Registration Tab, then find the event, then click the blue "cancel" link., then "Withdraw Entry"

Second go to Event Registration Tab, click on "Edit Hold My Spot" hit the down arrow next to "Attending", then click "Not Attending" on the bottom right hit the green "Hold My Spot", then check your email for confirmation.


Tim Calvin   President - Mid Ohio Marauders