Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association


1. Register on line at
2. Pay your entries at the Mid-Ohio Marauders Store (green button on our web home page).
3. Congress is limited to 100 shooters, so "HOLD MY SPOT" applies.  

    Here is a short video explaining how it works:                                          

4. Entries need to be PRE-PAID by 9:00pm the Thursday before the shoot.  $50 late fee after 9pm Thursday.
5. 5% cancellation fee



If you have fully registered for the event you will need to cancel your entry as well as cancel your hold my spot.  
1. Log on to CMSA
2. go to Event Registration Tab, then find the event
3.  then click the blue "cancel" link., then "Withdraw Entry"
4.  go to Event Registration Tab, click on "Edit Hold My Spot" hit the down arrow next to "Attending", then click "Not Attending" on the bottom right hit the green "Hold My Spot", then check your email for confirmation. 

· Every vehicle on the grounds South of 17th Ave is required to purchase a show pass from OQHA. $75.00 per vehicle
· All shooters must register online, no entries are taken at the shoot.
· If you want to move to the Senior Division you will need to call CMSA, after Worlds and before competing at Congress
· Congress one of the first shoots of the 2019 Season, once you compete at  Congress you will not be able to change your class.
· If entering in AQHA provide your Membership ID and Level when registering online

Ohio Exposition Center, 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211, 614-644-3247,

You will exit US 71 west on to 17th Ave.
17th Ave is closed to through traffic, just follow the signs and go through the main entrance

Traveling to the shoot

Location: Ohio Exposition Center, 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211, 614-644-3247,
* You will exit US 71 west on to 17th Ave.
* 17th Ave is closed to through traffic, just follow the signs and go through the main entranceType your paragraph here.

Congress Champion Jackets
Champion Jackets can be purchased at Schneiders 1-800-365-1311  

All Class Winners, Overalls, Reserves, and Top 15 are eligible to purchase Congress Trophy Jackets

Start  thinking about purchasing your trophy jacket NOW.

Since, our event is on the last day of Congress the Schneiders booth will be closed before the results are in.  Visit their booth at Congress now thru SATURDAY 10/26 and try your jacket on for size, which is important because custom orders are not returnable.

Winners will have until Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 to place their orders BY PHONE 800-365-1311.  Cathy Davis is the Customer Service Manager, The shoot results will be emailed to her.  ​

Day of the Shoot
* Check the Mid-Ohio Marauders General Membership Group frequently.  This is where we will post a schedule, stages, results and other relevant information.
* Safety Meeting at 7:30am in the Celeste Center
* First shot will be at 8:00am
* Order of Go is Level 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
* Long guns follow main match

* There will be 2 arenas used for this shoot
* Stages 1 and 3 will be in the Celeste Center
* Stages 2 and 4 will be in the Buckeye Pavilion
* Shooters are responsible to be at the correct arena and ready to go when      their name is called
* If you are sharing a horse or equipment make arrangements with the office    staff when you check in
* A choice of: Tatonka Dan or White House ammo will be offered
* Bring clothing for all types of weather.  It could be hot, raining or snowing.
* Get your camping refund before 12pm on Sunday

· go at the end of stages each stage

· Have fun representing Cowboy Mounted Shooting at
All American Quarter Horse Congress

Friday Night Warm-up at Madison County

Location: Coughlin Arena, Madison County Fairgrounds
                  205 Elm St., London, Ohio 43140
                  Covered Arena
To register pre-pay camping and stalls on MOM store
Stalls: $30.00 no bedding provided
Entry Fee: $10 per run

* Book stalls when registering on CMSA
* Stalls fees are paid to the Ohio Quarter Horse Association
* No need to make stall arrangements before traveling to the shoot.  There are a block of stalls reserved for shooters
* Stop at the stall office after entering the grounds, you will pay them and they will give you a stall assignment
* If you would like a tack stall, request it at the stall office.  This is recommended if you want to leave your tack in the barn near your horse.  You will want to keep all your equipment under lock and key.
* Shavings not include with the stall price, Shavings are available for purchase on site.
* The stall flooring is asphalt or concrete so plan accordingly (extra shavings or rubber mats)
Stall Mat Rental & Disinfecting 
Please contact Cashmans at 740-363-6073 or online at

Getting in and settled
1. enter the main gate and purchase a show pass $75
2. purchase your camping at the main gate as well $80
3. follow the signs to the stall office
4. purchase your stall at the stall office $50 per night. 
5. cross 17th Ave and work your way to the Adequan Building (stall locations could be subject to change, watch for updates on the Mid-Ohio Marauder Facebook Group).  Look for fellow shooter to help you find a parking spot.
6. get your horse settled in
7. report to the shoot office in the center of the Adequan building (stall barn) and verify your entry is correct and all your fees are paid.

* You might want to use a check or cash to pay the stall, camping and show pass fees
* Ohio Expo and Stall Office will charge a convinced fee for credit and debit cards

Competing in AQHA
* Register online
* 1st horse is your main match horse
* AQHA membership ID and Level
* Copy of Horse Papers

Horse Health Requirements
1. Horses attending that reside in Ohio will need a current Coggins Test
2. Horses coming from outside of Ohio will need a current Conggins Test and Health Certificate
3. The Ohio State Veterinarian may require additional documentation if there is a disease out-break in your area.
Ohio considers a current Coggins: one taken within the past 12 months
Certificates of Health are only good for 30 days

· Camping is handled by the Ohio Exposition Center
· No need to reserve camping
· Request and pay for camping when you enter the main gate
· Camping is $40.00/night
· The Expo Center will require you to pay for camping through the end of the      show. (if you arrive Sat they will require you to pay for 2 nights ($80)
· If you do not stay the last night you can get a refund for the balance
The camping refund office closes at 12pm Sunday
· There are no sewer hook ups south of 17th Ave
· Stalls and Arenas are South of 17th Ave
· Parking is tight so bring your patience. Fellow shooters will be glad to help you     find a spot and get parked