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Get a front row seat at an exciting equestrian sport and earn money in the process

What is Cowboy Mounted Shooting?

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a fast action equestrian sport in which contestants navigate their horse through a course with ten balloon targets and attempt to pop all the targets. The contestant uses two .45 caliber single action pistols and specially prepared blank ammunition to engage the balloon targets.

What would our club be doing?

The broken balloon targets need to be replaced after each contestants' run.  Your club would be responsible for making sure the course has fresh balloon targets after each run.  All the necessary equipment is provided by the Mid-Ohio Marauders.

  • Put balloons on balloon sticks.

  • Blow up balloons with air compressor.

  • Replace balloon targets after each run.

  • Clean up the balloon fragments before the arena is tilled.

Will our club members be in danger?

  • Club members will never be in the arena when there are horses competing.  CMSA requires that no one other than the Range Master be in the arena during competition.

  • Ammunition is certified by CMSA and made to travel 20ft.  Balloon setters are stationed in a location out of the range of fire.

  • Hearing protection is recommended.

How many members do we need?

  • 10-12 runners per shift including at least 2 adults.

  • Working in shifts is not required but is strongly encouraged.

How much will me make?

Balloon setters are paid $2 per run or the minimum fee set for that event whichever is greater.

Madison County Club Shoots Minimums

Friday Evening Minimum $100

Saturday Minimum $500

Sunday Minimum $400


At most shoots each competitor will run 4 times. 

60 Competitors X 4 runs = 240 runs X $2 = $480

Club would be paid $480 or the minimum, whichever is higher.

Where are the shoots held?

  • Most are held at the Madison County Fairgrounds London, Ohio.

  • The Ohio State Fair Shoot and Quarter Horse Congress Shoot are held at the Ohio Exposition Center, Columbus, Ohio.

How do we sign up?

  1. Complete a Booking Request below for the Time your are interested in.

  2. Complete an Event Request Form and email it to the club

Beth Hall


Phone: (440) 328-5638

What should we bring?

  • Athletic shoes

  • Lawn chairs

  • Drinks - water

  • Lunch - snacks

  • Weather appropriate attire

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